We facilitate a safe space for marginalized voices to share stories and create genuine connections through the arts.


Sunday Jump is a community arts organization based in Historic Filipinotown, Los Angeles. SJ was founded as an open mic series in 2012 by poets and community organizers Eddy M. Gana, Stephanie Sajor, and Janice Sapigao. Eventually, the team added more programming to include monthly workshops, publications, and special events.


The foundation of all Sunday Jump activities are these two community guidelines:


Express, Not Impress

It’s not about the snaps and claps.

It’s about sharing your love for your art.

Free Speech, Not Hate Speech

It’s not about putting each other down.

It’s about uplifting our community.


Sunday Jump exists to declare that we are here and now.

Historic Filipinotown is the heart of our cultural community. With over 400,000 Filipinos living in Los Angeles, 10,000 are in this area. “Historic” can be misconstrued as the community being a relic of the past – yes, we have a tremendous history, but Sunday Jump exists to declare that we are here and now. There are many family-run businesses, neighborhood markets, and community spaces that endure, and Sunday Jump is but one of these sites that illustrates the freshness and vibrancy of our enclave.

Being that Sunday Jump is a Filipino-founded open mic series in Historic Filipinotown, we ultimately hope that it becomes part of a greater movement to uplift our community. Our experiences are often diminished, even ignored. Whether it’s the denial of equal benefits for our World War II veterans or the erasure of our agricultural workers’ contributions to the labor movement, we are only in the periphery of a largely one-sided history.

But at Sunday Jump, our voices will no longer be marginalized and silenced. One day, we hope people will not just hear us; they will listen.